About Me

I am a website developer with a passion for photography, specifically light painting, nightscapes and more recently astrophotography.

To me, long-exposure night photography is a way to see the world in quite literally a different light. I'm always amazed when the shutter closes and I see the preview on the back of the camera just how much light there is in such an apparently dark place. Sadly not every photograph looks as good under the scrutiny of a screen in a lit room, but that feeling in the moment always makes it worth while.

Light painting involves the application of light to select areas of a scene whilst taking a long-exposure photograph. This affords incredible control over the final image, and no two light painted images are the same, even if taken straight after one another.

I regularly experiment with different ways of painting with light and build custom hardware to experiment with such as programmable LED strips and custom coloured torches. I find that the tools I use most often however are a couple of powerful LED flashlights and a flashgun.

Nightscapes to me are not as simple as "landscape photographs taken at night", they can be any subject with any field of view and include natural and or artificial light, but they have not had any additional light painted into them by myself. They're basically a representation of what we could see if our eyes could gather enough light.

I'm fascinated by how much light there is that we cannot see.